Electrical Services for Acreages & Farms

Power and Electric Solutions for Rural Properties

Serving communities throughout southern Alberta, Prairie Electric & Controls specializes in electrical services for farms and acreages. Having completed extensive electrical installations, renovations, and repair projects on hundreds of properties, we can provide insightful recommendations based on our experience. No challenge is too much for our team, we are happy to devise creative solutions to your unique electrical needs and requests. Get in touch with us today to tell us about your property electrical needs.


Farm, Acreage & Agricultural Electrician Consulting

Our team has worked with acreage and farm owners throughout southern Alberta designing power and lighting solutions for their whole properties including machine shops, barns, garages, homes, lighting, fencing, livestock needs, and property security. With our experience and expertise, we offer consulting services to design innovative new solutions and cleverly adapt existing setups to make your property function efficiently according to your business needs.

Machine Shop Electrical Work

Prairie Electric & Controls can complete the full electrical setup for a farm machine shop, including full wiring underground service, or overhead service if requested, gas line installation, and water line installation. With our trenching equipment and bucket truck, we can provide all the services needed to get your shop set up and operational.

Trenching for Underground Services

Prairie Electric & Controls owns and operates trenching equipment ensuring your project will not be delayed by subcontractors. While doing any trenching for electrical work, you can also run other utility lines needed as the trenching work is done. Work with our team for a one-stop-shop solution for your underground electrical projects.

Yard Lights Installation & Repair

We can install and calibrate new lighting systems for your property, repair existing systems, and install light poles. We own both trenching equipment for installing new light standards, and a bucket truck for installation and repairs, providing a comprehensive solution for all your rural property lighting projects.

Automatic Livestock Waterers Installation & Repair

Our team can install and repair livestock waterers throughout your property including any trenching services required. We can also consult with you to determine the most strategic placements to minimize costs and help you choose waterers for our climate that will meet your livestock needs.

Temporary Standby Power

Prepare for a power interruption on your property. We can consult with you to determine your power supply needs, acquire a generator through our suppliers, install the generator system, and set up a transfer switch for your generator connection.

Powered Property Gates

Our team can handle any repairs and upgrades to your existing gate system, or install new automatic yard or driveway gates on your property. View our projects to see photos of recent gate installations.

Security Systems & CCTV Installation

Improve your property security with Prairie Electric & Controls. We can supply and install yard monitoring and surveillance systems or install the equipment you’ve already purchased.

Farm Electrical Inspections

Prairie Electric & Controls can complete inspections of your whole property and provide a report that lists any upgrading work required to meet code and safety standards. Depending on your specific system, we will audit panels and wiring, perform thermal imaging, check for code violations, inspect surge protections, and complete any necessary testing and troubleshooting.

Boiler Installation & Repair

Provide heat for your home, shop, barn, or heat your driveways to remove snow and ice in the winter. Our team can install and set up boilers, program them, and troubleshoot issues if they are not functioning properly.

Solar Power Installation & Repair

If you are considering solar power for your property, our team can consult with you on your options, install the system, and provide service and maintenance. Whether you are considering an off-grid system tied to your home power grid, or a grid-tied system that stores energy in the utility grid and allows you to sell excess power, we can design and build a system to meet your unique requirements.

Rural Bucket Truck Services

All overhead electrical work required on your property can be handled by our team with our bucket truck services. Ideal for replacing or repairing lights, repairing or installing new light standards, and repairing or upgrading overhead utilities throughout your property.

Trenching & Excavation Services

We can complete trenching for underground power lines with our trenching services. Our team owns and operates trenching equipment so all underground electrical work required on your property can be completed by our team rather than waiting for another contractor to provide these services. See our projects page to view recent trenching work done on an acreage.

Full-Service Electrical Contractor for Rural & Agricultural Properties

We understand that the performance of your electrical systems is crucial for your farm or acreage. We have the experience and expertise to keep your property running smoothly and bring innovative thinking to solve the unique challenges facing your home and business. Whether you have a small rural property or a large agricultural operation, we are ready to help you with your electrical needs.

Contact us today to tell us about your projects, we look forward to hearing from you.


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