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Prairie Electric & Controls (PEC) is an experienced electrical company that can provide a comprehensive solution for all your electrical design, installation, controls, inspection, and HVAC automation needs. Our team brings ingenuity and over thirty years of experience in managing and designing electrical systems for business owners throughout the Calgary area and our service areas throughout southern Alberta. Contact us today to discuss your commercial electrical needs.


Complete Electrical Installations

Prairie Electric & Controls is experienced in large industrial electrical design, automation, and control systems. If you are planning a new industrial or commercial building, our team can review your building plans and consult with you on your lighting, HVAC, specialty power requirements, and electrical design needs. Ranging from small machine shops and warehouses to large commercial factories and high-rise buildings, PEC brings the experience and commitment to the quality you need for your commercial project.

Commercial Electrical Renovations

Repairing, redesigning, or upgrading projects can be complicated, but you can rely on our team to simplify the process and complete the work efficiently. Electrical servicing, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs are all within our team’s scope of work.

Trenching for Underground Services

Prairie Electric & Controls owns and operates trenching equipment ensuring your project will not be delayed by subcontractors. While doing any trenching for electrical work, you can also run other utility lines needed as the trenching work is done. Work with our team for a one-stop-shop solution for your underground electrical projects.

HVAC Repair and Installation

We can help with all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs on an industrial scale. Our team can supply and install new systems, conduct full inspections of HVAC systems, and repair existing systems, including condenser coils, fans, and thermostats.

Boiler Installation and Troubleshooting

The PEC team can install, program, and set up commercial-grade boilers. As your local boiler experts, we can diagnose issues, make necessary repairs and consult on strategies to keep your boiler systems functioning properly.

Thermal Imaging for Panels

Our team can provide thermal imaging diagnostics for your commercial electrical panels so any issues can be fixed before a breakdown occurs, improving safety and reducing costly downtime. Thermography surveys can be used to assist with troubleshooting panel issues or safety concerns without deconstructing the panel or connections. PEC uses this testing method to detect poor connections, unbalanced loads, poor insulation, and other issues with electrical components.

Commercial Electrical Panel Changes

Prairie Electric & Controls provides consulting on power supply needs, sourcing and supplying panels, and the complete installation of new panels. Panel changes are an important investment for a business owner. Our team is happy to walk you through the different options for your commercial space and help you choose a solution that will accommodate your business growth and your budget.

Commercial Service Changes & Service Upgrades

When upgrading to new equipment, business owners often need to change their commercial electrical services to provide a higher amperage and voltage. We can complete all components of electrical circuit installations and circuit wiring upgrades including installing larger overhead or underground utility cables, installing larger meter enclosures, cables, and panels.

Industrial Electrical Inspections

PEC can complete an inspection of your whole system for safety and code compliance and generate a report detailing specific upgrading work required to meet minimum standards and recommended best practices. Depending on your commercial electrical system and inspection needs, we will audit panels and wiring, perform thermal imaging, check for code violations, inspect surge protections, and complete any necessary testing and troubleshooting.

Commercial Automation

Prairie Electric & Controls can consult on your industrial automation needs, source controllers for your business, and handle installation and calibration of all the equipment. Our custom solutions are reliable, efficient, and engineered for safety. We provide all of the PPCL programming services needed to install commercial Siemens equipment and get your system operational for your specific environment. From small shops to large industrial facilities, we provide custom and industry-leading designs for automation and controls.

Air and Water Balancing

Testing heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) and water systems should be trusted to experts to ensure the calibration is done correctly. Trust the PEC team to test and balance your new systems or troubleshoot existing systems to guarantee everything is functioning properly. We can assist with the regulation of commercial HVAC air supply, returns, and exhaust systems.

Bucket Truck Services

Any overhead electrical work required can be handled in-house with our bucket truck services. Ideal for replacing building exterior lights, repairing or upgrading overhead utilities, and many other commercial electrical uses.

Electrical Trenching & Excavation Services

Prairie Electric & Controls owns and operates trenching equipment so any underground electrical work can be completed by our team without any delays from hiring subcontractors. We can install concrete light standards and complete trenching for high and low-voltage services.

Commercial Electrical: Installations, Renovations, Consulting & Repairs

Prairie Electric & Controls is the number one choice for all commercial electrical services for business owners throughout southern Alberta. Our team of experienced commercial electricians is available for all your business electrical needs; new installations, service calls, troubleshooting problems, repairs, and renovations. We understand how critical properly functioning electrical, automation, and HVAC systems are to your business. Our commercial electricians are committed to providing quality service and quality products and are happy to learn more about your upcoming electrical projects and provide timely, efficient solutions.

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